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China Girl blog 30th January 2019

The world is full of wonders. There has only been a super wolf moon three times this century. It is just some rare cosmic geometry that turns the full moon a spooky shade of crimson for a short spell; a wolf moon is simply the folk name for a moon that happens in the month of January. In ancient times, country folk would howl at the wolf moon. On early Monday morning January 21st, this strange spectacle was visible. What an amazing world we live in!

Mother does not always agree with the ‘law.’ In this case it is the problem of an Iron Age axe and two iron age knives which were dug up here at Cothay. These have been declared by the coroner to be treasure trove, and have been sent to the British Museum. Ma would like them back where they belong, but the law says they have to be given to a museum if they are wanted. Ma thinks they should stay where they were found so that people who visit Cothay can view them in their original home.

Winter work continues with poor David cleaning gutters, which takes about three days. Derrick, who comes once a week, is refitting the Tearoom kitchen area, requested by the local council, who appear to make constant new rules!

Mother was very spoilt on her birthday, with lots of lovely presents. Charlie gave her a beautiful modern earthenware bowl; the potter who made it trained in Japan. The method of making this form of pottery dates back to the 16th century, and was devised by the Raku family for tea ceremonies; the word raku means enjoyment. The bowl is a beautiful turquoise colour with a crackle glaze, achieved by plunging the bowl into cold water when it is removed red-hot from the kiln.

Ma & Mathew went to the cinema to see “The Favourite”. Despite all the Oscar nominations, they thought it weird and did not enjoy it.

Flowering in the garden is an early camilia, and on the mound, the early crocus are just beginning to show their purple flowers. Whilst in the inner court, planted in the centre of a huge prostrate rosemary, is the charming shrub Correa relexa, from Australia and Tasmania. With yellow and orange flowers, it is an unusual sight, flowering from the autumn until the spring. What more can you ask of a plant? January has at last slipped away, and we wonder what the month of February will bring.