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China Girl blog 21st June 2017

Today is the Feast of St John the Baptist, which falls on Mid Summer Day. Mother feels that here at Cothay at this time of year, the house and garden are surrounded by a necklace of light that lingers in the air.

On Saturday we had our annual Plant and Food Fair. We had 500 people through the gate; the weather so hot, people drifted about in a haze in the shimmering heat. What a day – we ran out of most things in the Tea Room!

In the garden, the terrace looks like a picture from Fairyland; here the Dioramas are in full flower, gently swaying in the heat. In South Africa which is their home, they grow in the damp meadows, they are known as African Hair Bells; here we call them “Angel’s Fishing Rods”. Easy to grow from seed, however they will take four years before they flower. Years ago when I asked Dr Rix, the botanist when they would flower he replied “When they’re good and ready!”

In flower is one of Ma’s favourite single roses, Mrs Oakley Fisher, a lovely pale apricot. We wonder who she was to have such a rose named for her. Also White wings, three inches across, with chocolate stamen, another lovely single rose.

In the cool of the evening, we walked through the house. On a chair in the hall is a cushion on which is written “Happiness is being loved by a Pekingese.”  Dearest Ma said she loves loving me!