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China girl blog 20th November 2018

I have heard it said that the scent of the past lingers in the air and as the river passes through the garden it carries its memories until it reaches the sea. The leaves are falling gently in the still autumn air, as the land holds its breath waiting for the peace of winter.

We went to stay with Jamie and Jo for the night. However, many times Ma visits them she hates the drive, as it means taking the M5, despite all the overhead signs in Bristol, crossing onto the M4 is fraught with difficulty amidst all the traffic. Ma and Jo went to the Mary Howard Christmas Fair, held in two enormous marquees. Dearest has twelve grandchildren and is always at a loss as to what to buy for them, despite her endless lists. But this time, with the help of Jo, all went well.

The squirrel problem is ongoing. Having trapped one and blocked the entrance to the loft, Peter appeared this morning to say there were more squirrel noises. Again the environmental man Tim is coming out to trap number two; we hope there is not a colony living in the attic!

Saturday was spent at the Exeter Antiques Fair, finishing off the Christmas shopping. Also purchased for the house was a beautiful 18th century Venetian glass, a very beautiful Japanese print of an owl, and a 12th century earthenware jug from the time of the crusades.

In the garden the endless task of leaf raking goes on and on. However nearly all the cutting back of herbaceous plants is almost complete.

When Dearest was feeding the ducks yesterday evening, in the shed where the grain is kept, there was an enchanting door mouse. It scuttled up to her, quite tame and hopped onto her hand.

Tha autumn days drift by, some truly beautiful, which makes your heart sing; summer is but a far-off memory.