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The silver thread that encircles Cothay weaving together the seasons, so that time itself matters not, and is but an illusion. The silver thread is only seen when the moon is full and is seen only by the ghosts that come and go through the old house, their evanescent presence tightening on the silver threads. Mistress says that I dream too much, this is because I honour my ancestors, after all I come from a long line of illustrious poets, and only I know the meaning of dreams and desires.  

I have not put down my thoughts these past few weeks, owing to a prolonged stay in hospital. I am now up and about, ready again to help where needed.

Dearest Mistress and all who labour here are still taking cuttings and sowing seeds, so I have not missed much!

We think that the white Japanese anemone, so valuable for its late and long flowering, is the flower of the week, its white petals glow as the misty evenings shorten how beautiful they are.