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China Girl blog 9th November 2016

 Mother says living at magical Cothay is like working through time.  We love the hustle and bustle of life in the high season.

 Cheering the cold days of November, a group of enthusiastic American ladies booked a tour of the house, which went well.  However, lunch was a different matter. Dearest had laid the dining room table with coronation chicken, salads and rice, which I thought quite attractive, especially as in the centre of the table was a huge pyramid of meringues. Somewhat to our amazement, after helping themselves to the chicken, they put a meringue on top! Just as Mother not wishing to hurt their feelings, was about to do the same, the leader said  “were we meant to eat meringues with our chicken?” Mother replied “we don’t normally, but please feel free to do so”  The leader, a large lady with purple hair, said “told you so girls, put ‘em all back!” Chaos followed! 

 Mother said the best part of the day was as she was saying goodbye and shaking hands, all seventeen of them tipped her.  Marlene, the lady with the purple hair, when Dearest thanked her said “we thought you needed a little extra”. How right she was! Mother and I raised a glass of good Highland whisky that evening to the good old USA and good luck to their new president!