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Where you live casts its influence over you, something of the charm of the past lingers in the air. Other than the seasons, little changes here; if you close your eyes and open your soul you can feel the eternal peace of Cothay.

Like a thirsty traveller, my Mistress felt the garden was waiting for rain, some plants more ready than others.

The plants in the large terracotta pots thrive as they are watered every day. All are in full bloom, twenty half-hardy perennials in each glorious container, they are mini gardens in a pot. The tall Salvia fulgens, with its red, velvet-like flowers, go well with Salvia elegans, which smells of pineapple. Many different Argyranthemum, our favourite, the white Chelsea girl, has finely cut blue-green leaves, the pink Summer haze and the yellow Jamaca primrose. Through them all trail sweet peas along with many others, flowering if tended and fed until the frosts.

If only The Almighty had been a gardener instead of a carpenter, I am sure he would have sent soft rain at night when needed!