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China Girl blog 7th June 2018

Infinite peace hangs in the June haze as lovely early summer arrives; silhouetted   against the light, the fir trees dark and high, their slender tops reach almost to the sky. The chestnut trees are laden with flowers like Christmas candles; the garden bursts with joy as the tiny fledglings leave their nests.

The huge putting-in-place of the garden after the film had been made has taken about ten days; everyone has worked tirelessly. It is hard to believe that a few weeks ago several hundred people were here each day working on the film. The grass had not been cut for six weeks and all looked dishevelled and overgrown, creating the illusion of timeless chaos.

Mother says a huge “thank you” to all who worked under Dan, the Assistant Location Manager from dawn until dusk to make sure that all went well during and after filming. Everyone made the impossible possible, and with a smile.

Dan discovered a water leak under the farm track, coming from an old pipe that seemed to start from nowhere and end nowhere, which baffled everyone. The huge area in the meadow has been nurtured and sown with seed; Ma prays for rain so we won’t have to water.

Dearest and all who work at Cothay thank everyone who worked tirelessly to make The Voyage of Dr Dolittle, which we all hope will be a best selling success.

The golden days of summer are just beginning and the memories of these past weeks will live in our hearts forever.