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The days roll on and the wonders of the garden spring into life. The wisteria has never looked so amazing, both of us originating from China. Mother says I am too self-assured, and I pursue life with uncontrolled ease!

Work on the olive patch is on-going; with each shower we are held up, as the clay soil sticks to the tractor wheels. However, the added rubble and drainage pipes are now in place. Sixteen tons of gravel has arrived as a top dressing.

All the garden containers are now planted, some containing thirty plants. Wesley wheels them out of the greenhouse on an old skateboard, a job not for the feint hearted!

More cosmos have been sown, the first ones are four inches high and have had their centres pinched out to encourage bushy plants.

The plant of the week is the lovely Paeonia mlokosewitschii, native of the N.E Caucasus, known as Molly the Witch, flowering for only a week, when it is ravishing, its pale yellow flowers translucent in the sunshine.