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China Girl blog 4th August 2016

August was the beginning of autumn in the old Julian calendar. The days shorten imperceptibly, the air changes; there is a feeling that you can almost touch the change in the season.

Last week Dearest Mother and Sally did a rain dance, after which we had two days of rain, which flattened the meadow grass ever so. Wesley has started to mow it at last, managing to get our old Ford tractor into action. Both Wesley and the tractor were born at much the same time!

In the garden much the same goes on – tidying, cutting back, weeding and general garden maintenance.

The plant of the week is the creamy white Hydrangea annabell, its huge flower heads eight inches across, she looks good on the north side of a yew hedge in the Green Knight Garden.

Oh dear, what have I done this week but entertain the visitors with my ancient Chinese antics!