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China Girl blog 29th March 2017

What a fragile world we live in, the golden thread of time holds all of life. As the year moves on the cycle of winter is past, but winter is not yet a distant memory, but at long last it feels like spring.

 Mother says that Steve, who comes once a week and keeps Cothay safe, sound and dry, is a life-line and that if he did not exist, we would have to invent him. There is, Dearest says, nothing he cannot fix; when she says to Steve “I cannot do it” he says “don’t fiddle with it, take charge!”

Dearest Mother has been in the doldrums as Sally, who has been with us for years and was Mother’s right hand, has left owing to her very painful Tennis Elbow. What will we do without her?I have also had a bad spell and ended up spending the night with the Veterinary Hospital in Wellington. Mother covered me in tears and kisses and I am glad to say I made a rapid recovery.

We gave ourselves a treat on Saturday and went to an amazing nursery called “From Desert to Jungle”. Of course we got carried away and came home feeling guilty, having spent all the house-keeping money.

All of us at Team Cothay have been working hard in preparation for our spring opening on Sunday.

In Greek mythology Priapus was the god of gardens and fertility, Mother wishes he was still around!