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China Girl blog 27th September 2018

Ma says that in the heavens, everything is orderly. But not at Cothay, where Ma is trying to become a Technocrat. Whichever button she presses on the iphone, which her Number 2 son lent her, all goes haywire. Everyone tells her it’s all a question of practice. It doesn’t help as Number 2 has told everyone to message her, so she can practice, which takes up all her precious time!

Yet another technical problem; the weather suddenly got cold and Ma couldn’t work out how to turn on the heating. Out came Guy our plumber, who has ten children. He said to Ma “I haven’t seen you since spring, I thought the Good Lord had got you, or you had moved to a tent!”

Looking spectacular is the ravishing Cobaea scandens; it must have been the hot summer which has increased its growth to about twenty feet along a yew hedge in the Green Knight Garden. The Cobaea comes from tropical America and Mexico, named for the Jesuit Father Cobo in the seventeenth century, a Spanish missionary and naturalist.

Only one more week until the garden closes, when we start the big clear-up. In the last ten days the garden has suddenly begun to look overgrown and untidy; very depressing.

The golden days of autumn spiral out across the landscape, spreading their tentacles through the early pearly autumn days.