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China Girl blog 27th March 2020

Spring has at last come to Somerset but as everyone knows, beware of false spring. The garden is bathed in sunshine, the slanting light playing on the brave early plants; it lifts one’s spirits at a time when there is so much trouble and sadness in the world.
Mother was reminded of happier times when she was in America, staying with friends in Delaware. They took her to a wedding which was held in a wood, the ceremony took place in a small chapel deep in amongst the trees. The chapel windows were unglazed, reaching from the ground to the roof. On the day of the wedding, it poured with rain. They all wore wellington boots, whilst the beautiful bride had bare feet – the whole experience was somewhat surreal. At the entrance to the chapel were two rocks marking the graves of Frolic Weymouth and his friend, with whom he built the chapel. When just after Frolic’s birth, his proud father brought him to the doors of his great mansion, the hunt was taking place. One of the hounds ran up the steps to the door; the Huntsman called him in, shouting “Frolic”, hence the baby was named! When Frolic inherited the estate, he built the small chapel; over the door is written “This chapel is dedicated to God, as thanks for my wonderful life.” What memories.
Flowering in the Oxbow beside the river, the spectacular skunk cabbages Lysichiton americana; the flowers smell unpleasant, but not foul enough to upset anyone. The huge yellow flowers appear before he giant leaves. Best grown in bogs or damp places.
Mother’s number two son Mathew and a friend are self-isolating in the Cottage for two weeks. Sadly, the Schofield family, who have been here for seven years have left, as their business had to close owing to the Covid-19 virus. We will all miss them.
Mother, with the help of Mathew, is battling alone in the garden. How all our lives have changed. We should all play our part in beating the terrible scourge of Covid-19.