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China Girl blog 27th December 2018

Mother and I have been away for Christmas; so little chance to write in peace!  As a change, we thought you may like to hear a little Christmas ditty:

“Don’t talk to me of Christmas cheer

There’s very little of it here

As I’m afraid it must be said

That Mother’s just gone off her head

Although I’ve done my best to stop it

She has recently adopted nine kittens

Is my Dearest Ma aware

A kitten will become a cat?

I don’t believe she’s thought of that!

She says they haven’t got a Mother

Well, I wish they’d find another

I earn my living every day

But they just hang around and play

I know Christmas is a time to share

But not with cats – it’s just not fair!

I don’t like to upset my Ma

But I’ve been firm and said she can’t

Provide a home for all these strays

A sort of feline orphanage

Not until the birds took flight

Did she finally see the light

Reluctantly she did agree

To ring the Cats Protection League

Who told her on the telephone

That they’d all be given a good home

I much look forward to the days

Of festive joy without these strays

So Happy Christmas one and all”

Amended from a poem by Boot