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China Girl blog 26th July 2018

These hot summer days are like time trapped in a dream. There is a dreamy quality in the air, almost like a doorway into another world.

On Tuesday, Wellington Fire Brigade held an evening training exercise at Cothay, initiated by Kevin, a part-time fireman who looks after our roofs. Nineteen firemen in full uniform and two fire engines took part. Water was pumped out of the pool in front of the house with huge hoses and sprayed hundreds of feet into the air. The pool had the appearance of vast waterfalls, we gasped at the spectacle. It was reassuring to know that should Cothay ever burn, the fire would be quenched by such dedicated firemen. The evening ended with coffee and cake and a big thank you to all those who gave their time to the fighting of fires.

One of the most appealing summer trees which dominates the summer garden is the Indian Bean Trees Catalpa bignoniodes, which is in full flower. the flowers white with yellow and purple flecks, produced in large clusters are so numerous, they almost obscure the leaves and tree. The Indian in the name refers to the local native American tribe (Red Indian) tribe near to where the tree was recorded by a European botanist. His transcription of their name, Catawba was incorrectly recorded as Catalpa. The tree is a spectacular specimen for a summer garden; it should be grown in full sun in a sheltered position.

These dreamy summer days are like time trapped; in reality they are hard work keeping the dry garden watered and loved.

Mother dreamed that life was beauty and woke to find that life was duty.