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China Girl blog 24th April 2020

When I looked out this morning, the whole world was bathed in sunshine; at last we seem to have shaken off winter – although the wind is still from the east – and the garden is enveloped in serenity, as if it has been reborn.

Now is the time of the April Lyrids, which last for up to ten days at the end of April each year. Lyrids are shooting stars or meteors, and they ‘peak’ tonight on St Georges day – what an amazing world we live in!

With lockdown now more than four weeks old, time here in Somerset seems to have stood still; one day passing into the next, with little change as if time is on hold and the past has been forgotten.

This week, with the help of Mathew and Saskia (our refugees from London!), whose endless help we could not do without, we collected the usual hazel from the woods to make plant supports. They also helped plant up our summer containers with half-hardy perennials, which took a day; I only hope there will be no late frosts. Despite using many of the plants from the green house, there are still dozens left. Oh dear! With lockdown and no-one allowed in the garden to buy them, we hate to think of the waste and hard work it took to grow them. Mathew took a video of Mother planting a pot to go on Instagram, but is struggling to upload it.

Along with the rest of the world, we hope restrictions on lockdown will soon be lifted before the end of our season, as the garden will soon be at its glorious best.

The sublime Wisteria on the south side of the house is in full flower; the one on the north side has still yet to flower. The violets and the Welsh poppies – those flowers made of light, are flowering in profusion. How I love their yellow flowers dancing in the breeze. What pleasure I get from looking at them as I drift off to sleep with the sound of bees humming all around me