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China Girl blog 22nd February 2017

The shackles of winter have at last let go. Or so it seems, perhaps only for a short time, for nature takes us where she wants. In this modern world of control and political correctness, nature still has the upper hand.

Mother feels that we have broken the back of February’s tasks, thanks to a strange tool introduced by Rose, which enables you to till the border without digging. There are four prongs in a circle, which are attached to a metal prong which is pushed into the earth and turned by its handle. Sally said when she moved to her new cottage, she found the same tool in a shed and thought it was for cleaning drains!

 Dearest Mother, with me keeping her company, spent the weekend raking the Olive Grove. I found four frogs under a pile of leaves and was severely reprimanded for trying to catch them!  Mother said only the French eat frogs and that they are our friends, as they eat the slugs and insects which make holes in the leaves of plants.  I am glad our frogs are safe from the French, in Somerset.

 The warming days fly by, there is always so much to do in the quest for perfection. How easy on the mind are thoughts and new ideas, how hard in reality.

 It is my birthday today, I am four years old. Dearest said “how lovely to be so young” and as we came in from the garden when the afternoon was fading to evening, she added that I should remember that she remembered reading: ‘the only happiness is an inward peace and that we are never as unhappy as we think we are and never as happy as we would like to be’. How true.