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China Girl blog 21st March 2018

The promise of spring vanished like snow in summer, snow and cold searing winds arrived at the beginning of the week; we did not know what was to come, which meant our garden plans were brought to an abrupt halt. However, the day before The Beast arrived, the three yew columns turned up, for which we had been waiting delivery for some time. At two metres tall, they have made an immediate statement where they are planted on the terrace. The terrace, which is the centre of the garden has all been planted with Ilex crenata, the Japanese Holly, replacing the blighted Box plants.; some as standards and some as balls and with the addition of the yews, we all agree it is a huge improvement. Ma says a garden should never stand still, there is always room for new innovations, although she says it sometimes breaks her heart to do away with much-loved old friends. However, we all have our sell-by date.

This season’s big spend is the Curiosity Shop, which was erected just before the snowfall. It sirs beside the Tea room, built of cedar planks with cedar shingles and Georgina windows. Mother and I like it, although Ma says it is not quite what she ordered! Now Derrick is fitting it out with shelves; at twelve feet square it must surely be the smallest shop in Somerset!

Oh dear, Ma says we are at least two or three weeks behind in the garden with our Easter preparations. I tried to cheer her up by saying what her grandmother used to say “There’s no need to grumble and complain, for God sorts out the weather and sends the rain!”

Tim came back to check the mole traps; so far the tally is thirteen, I wonder what the final total will be.

Ma feels the cold and walks around with a hot water bottle strapped under her feather waistcoat, whilst I am over hot in my fur coat.

Roll on spring and glorious April!