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China Girl blog 15th March 2018

Just as we thought our winter problems were but a memory, down came the rain, day after day and yet another burst pipe, gushing water into the stables. Luckily Ma remembered where the stopcock was; it was buried over a foot deep, but she was unable to turn it off. Peter, who lives above the garage and is very strong, came to our rescue. How lucky we are to have such kind souls living here who often help with problems. Ma says in her next life she might train as a plumber!

For Mothers Day, we gave ourselves a treat and went to the Antique Fair at Shepton Mallet. Ma spent all the week’s house-keeping, buying objects for our new venture; our own little shop, which is being assembled shortly; it is only 12 foot square. We will sell small objects you don’t find elsewhere. The small problem is that Ma only buys what she likes, so let’s hope that other people like her choices! We bought two charming South American 18th century silver wine cups, a beautiful Dresden cup and saucer, some pretty picture frames plus a pair of small Russian silver shot cups. They will look well in the Curiosity Shop with all the throws and scarves Ma bought in India.

Today Bill, the Location Manager for the film company came with one of his helpers Harry, and Kevin a local builder also came; they needed to discuss work to be done before the film is started in May. Such as how to get a 30’ tree across the meadows and hard-coring the Avenue.

Yet another problem is the explosion of moles in the fields. Tim, the pest control man put down 80 mole traps which took most of Sunday; apparently moles can burrow under roads and swim across rivers! Oh dear, so much to do and only a few more weeks until we open on Easter Sunday.

The fleeting beauty of spring comes and goes, between the endless rain, which washes across our island.

Wreathed in memory is the kindness of people during the awful weather. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about – we all have to play the hand we are given, making the best of our short lives.