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China Girl blog 15th June 2017

Dearest Mother and I were hurrying round the garden, which although I am but a small black and white Chinese dog with a snub nose, I am still able to appreciate beauty. We were stopped by an elderly gentleman, who said “There is no need to hurry, in heaven a seat awaits you”

Ma and I were exhausted on Saturday evening, as there was a wedding in the garden and we didn’t get to bed until the early hours of the next day. On Sunday, the garden was full of visitors and all was well until whilst taking photographs, an American girl fell into the old swimming pool which we had filled with water lilies. Ma dried her clothes on the aga. She then asked if she could come back another day for free, as she had been too wet to enjoy the garden. Ma replied “If you go the hairdresser’s and when you leave the salon it is raining, do you go back and ask for a free blow-dry?” I wish I had pushed her in again! All this reminded me of when two elderly ladies fell into the lake; a passer-by pulled them out, covered with mud and weed. Ma took them into the hose to dry off. Ma said to Pa “I’m very busy, please look after the ladies”, Pa had a bright idea and put all their clothes in the tumble drier, which he had never used before. He turned the switch to hot. Oh dear, all their clothes shrank, what a calamity!

How beautiful the garden is in June. The glorious raspberry-coloured perennial pea Larthyrus tuberosa is in full-flower, scrambling about in the terrace border, it is one of Mother’s favourite plants. She loves all plants with pea-like flowers from the family Leguminosae.

Glorious June, life doesn’t get much better.