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China Girl blog 13th June 2018

June in England, June in our garden, nowhere else is more perfect. The fleeting beauty of life in June is all pervading, a microcosm of many worlds.

The past week has, as usual, been full of small difficulties. The fridge door fell off, the Shakespeare company vehicle drove over newly-sown grass and got stuck; luckily Robert was at hand and pulled their van out, after Ma had unsuccessfully tried. What an awful mess it made, Ma was not pleased. Thirdly, and by far the worst, the mower gave up the ghost, and of course a new one had to be bought. We hardly got a bean in part exchange. Ma remonstrated, saying “it can’t be very old, it must be under ten years old”, but “more like twenty” was the reply!

The Danish TV garden presenter Claus Dalby came to see the garden. Claus remarked that the rose Rosa mutabilis which climbs up a south-facing wall, was the best he had ever seen. Claus gave us some good advice for our instagram; we like him, especially as he loves Cothay!

For perhaps three weeks in June, all is like paradise, seldom have we known a more perfect month. After such a wet and cold winter and spring, the garden has caught up, every flower seems to be blooming at once.

As the days grow longer, the garden has a luminous quality that is hard to define; how blessed we are to live in England in the heart of lovely Somerset. How lovely are these summer days, full of joy and sunshine. As Leonard Nimoy said “Life is like a garden, you have moments of perfection, but nothing is permanent.”