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China Girl blog 12th December 2019

Here at Cothay the echoes of centuries linger within the wall. As the dark days of winter approach, the Zeitgeist, which is the spirit of the times, the trend of thought and feeling from the past, seems ever present. This week has drifted slowly by, broken only be the drifting rain and wind.

Mother explained to me that I am an ancient breed from China and that all dogs originated from wolves. Perhaps that is why I like to chase the sheep in the fields?

Charlie, Mother’s youngest daughter, is helping to run the Cornwall Garden Society. This year they are having a stand of all things ecological. Researching for interesting ideas, she came across eco bricks, used widely in northern Indonesia for building houses. They originated in Guatemala and are easy to make, helping the world to get rid of all unwanted plastic which blights the earth. To make an eco brick, you take a two-litre plastic bottle and with the aid of a stick, you fill the bottle with all your waste plastic such as crisp packets, plastic packaging, bags and anything else that would normally be put in landfill. With the aid of the stick, you fill the bottle until it is full, then take it to one of the many pickup points which are all over the country. The eco bricks are used just like ordinary bricks to build houses and schools; in Guatemala, thousands have been used. What an amazing idea. If anyone wishes to find out more to help the scourge of unwanted plastic, information can be looked up on www.ecobricks.org.

A good tip Ma was given to get your bonfire going is to use a leaf blower, if you are lucky enough to have one. It is a marvellous way to get a damp bonfire going in wet winter weather.

We are plagued by moles; I am told that putting dog poo down a mole run is the answer, although we haven’t as yet tried it!

Mother says on cold winter nights, she sometimes feels the evanescent presence of Colonel Cooper, who rescued Cothay in the 1920s; as he walks across the Great Hall.

Only a few more days until the election, when we will know if Boris or the magic Grandpa will sit in Number 10. Should Grandpa win, we will have caravans in the fields with the sheep and then the spirit of Stalin will be on the throne, God Save the Queen.