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With the passing of Lammas Day, when flowering plants are past their best. This is when plantsmanship should be remembered. Plantsmanship is the appreciation of plants for their own sake, their form and elegance, their leaves rather than the size and brightness of their flowers.

When August heads for September, there are many beautiful plants at their full beauty. One such is Clerodendrum bungei, from China; said to be half hardy, however I have found it to be fully hardy. The foliage, although evil- smelling, is very beautiful. The large dark pink flowers extremely fragrant. A wonderful plant for August and early September.

As summer ends, the gaps in the borders which have not been filled with glorious late annuals are often a problem, which at Cothay we overcome by placing terracotta pots in the gaps with grasses or anything we have to hand.

We Pekingese think that plants in all their glory are like notes of heavenly music.